Robbie Cumming

Hello, I’b Robbie Cubbing, I mean, I’m Robbie Cumming.

I’m your own personal host and guide as we enter the spiritually enlightening world of cobedy.

I aim to:

1. Entertain you by way of making you ‘laugh out loud’ (intellectually, you understand, and without the need for abbreviation)

2. Educate you and inspire you to do great things.  Otherwise, the devil makes work for idle hands.  Yes, and by that I do indeed mean porn

3. Inform… er, oh hang on.  I’ve just realised that these are the BBC’s aims.

In that case… er… ooh look at this totally sick video yeah?

Please do check out some of my blog posts and subscribe if you like – it is free and I won’t send you any junk, or pictures of anyone else’s junk or even talk about junk.

Cobedy is just for you, so for goodness sake, keep it a secret and don’t share it using the links below and definitely don’t look at it oh you’re looking at it.

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